Hi, I’m Luna and I am the creator of this space. Everyone is welcome! This is a safe space for witches and non-witches alike. This space is solely managed by me, if there are any issues please reach out through my profile or via email. It is not perfect, but I wanted to create a place for us to be free to be ourselves without breaking other social media platforms’ rules and guidelines.

I hope you choose to make this your home for all of your witchy needs: Information, buy, sell, trade, connect, etc.

We are all adults, so I trust you will behave appropriately: Be kind and courteous; no bullying or hate-speech. Most importantly: I am NOT responsible for any and all transactions that occur via this medium. Be honest and communicative with buyers/sellers.

If you are ready and agree to the above: sign-up by sending me an email to info@witchalley.com

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Many blessings!